The Smart and Modern Contact Center

The Smart and Modern Contact Center

There is no doubt about it – contact centers must streamline their operations to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. Artificial intelligence is able to contribute to this effort in ways that a strictly human team simply cannot. Many contact centers that are falling behind with the technology are also falling behind in performance. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that artificial intelligence can be used in the modern contact center.

Automating Routine Tasks

Ensuring that routine functions are
routed through an automated system helps to free up your creative talent to
solve problems that need personal attention. When you give the difficult issues
more personal time, you build goodwill with your customer base. The issues that
would otherwise cause customers to leave negative reviews get solved more
quickly. Everyone is happy, and productivity goes up.

Machine learning actually gives your
contact center the ability to automate difficult customer service issues as
time goes on. Although the current generation of AI still requires human inputs
to get started, the systems can learn how to adapt to situations given a large
enough dataset.

Reducing Costs in the Center

AI helps to reduce costs in the
contact center. With less of a need to assign more humans to similar tasks as
business increases, contact centers now have the ability to increase ROI at
scale. Employing natural language processing and cognitive sentiment analysis
gives the modern call center a chance to direct even more functions through the
AI system rather than personalizing them to human employees.

The best systems have the ability to
employed natural language processing across languages. For instance,
international companies are now able to translate between English and German in
a natural way that does not sound forced or mechanical. This breakthrough
allows some incredible scaling opportunities if the interactive voice response
is properly employed.

Raising Customer Experience Expectations

One might think that raising
customer expectations is setting the company up for a fall. On the contrary,
providing natural sounding AI options actually decreases the amount of problems
that your customer base will give you. As you learn to direct larger problem
arrays through customer service journeys, you streamline your buyer profiles
into more precisely segmented groups. Within those groups, customers can expect
more, because you are more aligned with the needs of that segment.

Home assistant programs such as
Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa have spoiled the average consumer into
this kind of personalization. It is contingent upon every company to raise
customer expectations to the point that highly vetted customer groups align
themselves with your company and allow you, rather than a competitor, to serve

Analyzing Trends

Finally, AI helps a company to
analyze trends and become proactive in solving problems. Without the need to
compensate for human error, egotism and personality clashes, a company has a
much greater ability to get to the bottom of what is causing a particular type
of problem during a service chat.

Properly analyzing a problem from
beginning to end can help a company to create a system that fixes it at its
core rather than dealing with its symptoms in the call center.

The characteristics above are only a
few of the ways that AI can help to increase ROI in a contact center. If you
are looking to compete in today’s world of highly productive business, you
should consider implementing AI into your traditional contact center structure.

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